Support for National Committees

Training customized to your needs

IEC ACB engages with NCs to investigate your needs and support you in the best ways possible.

An online interactive training course about the IEC is available to allow IEC experts to learn more about the IEC structure, operations and work. It can be used by national and technical committees as part of the training for new experts.

We can prepare training on standardization and conformity assessment depending on your specific needs in your country. This can take the form of face-to-face training, online learning, webinars, etc.

Tools and services for your mirror committees

IEC National Committees can make use of tools such as the Collaboration Platform (CP) and online learning platform at the national level.

Please find more information on the collaboration platform and IEC Expert Management System here: IEC Collaboration Platform and EMS service.

IEC Academy networks

Those involved in training and capacity building at a national level can join our "Trainers Network". Please contact us to join the collaboration community.

Upcoming activities

IEC Academy and capacity building day

During the IEC General Meeting a meeting is held to discuss good practice on capacity building and training among National Committees. Please join us this year by registering for the "IEC Academy and capacity building day" once the registrations for the General Meeting are open.