Training for technical committees

Offering development opportunities to IEC committees and working groups

Training opportunities

In order to help IEC experts understand administrative procedures and how to prepare IEC publications, training sessions are available. IEC provides training for technical committees that can be tailored to match their requirements.

Topics covered can include:

  • Drafting IEC publications
  • Editing
  • Layout
  • Figures and illustrations

and much more.

Training via webinar and virtual meeting

The IEC provides live online training sessions for participants either from various remote locations or from a single location, such as during a local/regional meeting.

Face-to-face training

If an IEC work group has planned a meeting at one of the IEC offices, a training session can be organized. This can be an opportunity to meet IEC staff, allow members of the group to become familiar with the IEC and to answer any open questions that need to be addressed.

Online learning courses

An online interactive training course about the IEC is available to allow IEC experts to learn more about the IEC structure, operations and work. It can be used by national and technical committees as part of the training for new experts. Additional courses, including one for Convenors and Project Leaders, are also available. See the "Online learning" page for more information.