Standardization for affiliates

Affiliate countries benefit from the participation in the IEC standardization process

Process for adopting standards

Affiliate countries are encouraged to adopt and reference IEC International Standards in their national laws and regulations and can select up to 200 IEC International Standards free of any commercial consideration, for national adoption.

IEC International Standards made available free of charge are not to be used for commercial purposes given that the status of affiliate country does not allow the sale of IEC publications.

However, any national customer wishing to purchase the identical IEC standard already adopted in the country can place an order through the Affiliate Country representative to the IEC Affiliate secretariat to obtain the relevant discount.

Once the IEC International Standard is adopted at the national level, the affiliate country shall notify the IEC Affiliate secretariat by completing the Declaration of Adoption form.

Once an affiliate country achieves the conditions to be granted IEC Affiliate Plus status, the quota of IEC International Standards available free of charge (for the purpose of national adoption) is increased to 400 .


Abridged course

for adopting and referencing IEC International Standards for use in technical regulations

Ordering IEC International Standards from the quota

As part of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, participants have access to a limited number of IEC International Standards free of charge. The IEC also produces other publications such as technical specifications, technical reports, guides, industry technical agreements (ITA) and publicly available specifications. 

To receive these publications, affiliate countries can place their order directly with the IEC Affiliate secretariat by including the exact IEC reference for each publication. Value-added products are not included under the terms of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme and cannot be granted as part of the publications available free of charge in national quotas.

It may be useful to consult the ISO/IEC Directives (login required) for information about the basic procedures for the development of IEC International Standards and other publications.

Selecting IEC technical committees and subcommittees

IEC technical committees and subcommittees prepare IEC International Standards for specific areas in electrotechnology.

They are comprised of a Chair, Secretariat headed by the Secretary and experts nominated by National Electrotechnical Committees (NEC).


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Affiliate countries can participate in TC/SCs and nominate one expert for each selected committee as follows:

  • Up to 5 TC/SCs for affiliate countries without a NEC
  • Up to 10 TC/SCs for affiliate countries with a NEC

Top 10 IEC TC/SCs selected by Affiliates (2018-07-20)




Selecting countries


TC 82

Solar photovoltaic energy systems



TC 20

TC 64

Electric cables

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock




TC 61

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances



TC 13

Electrical energy measurement and control



TC 34

TC 59

Lamps and related equipment

Performance of household and similar electrical appliances



TC 8

TC 23

TC 57

Systems aspects for electrical energy supply

Electrical accessories

Power systems management and associated information exchange



TC 77

Electromagnetic compatibility



TC 31

Equipment for explosive atmospheres



TC 14


Power transformers

Low Voltage Direct Current and Low Voltage Direct Current for Electricity Access



TC 17

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear


To select the TC/SCs in which to participate, IEC affiliate countries will need to: 

  1. Consult the full list of TCs and SCs, including specific information such as the committee’s scope, Strategic Business Plan, projects and working groups. 
  2. Provide the list of selected TC/SCs to the IEC Affiliate secretariat with names and email address of each expert to be nominated to each committee.

Role of experts

TC/SC experts work together to develop globally agreed technical solutions in electrical, electronic, and information technology areas. Experts nominated by affiliate countries are invited to contribute to this standardization work. To nominate experts, please download and complete the nomination form and return it to the IEC Affiliate secretariat. The IEC Affiliate secretariat will then provide online logins to each nominated expert for accessing IEC technical committee working documents. 

IEC International Standards are developed during a process involving multiple stages. During the Technical Committee draft for comments (CD) and/or Committee draft for vote stages (CDV) stages, experts from affiliate countries are invited to submit comments through the IEC Affiliate secretariat. Comments are then forwarded to the relevant IEC TC/SC Secretary for consideration. If accepted by the TC/SC working group, the comments will be included in the next version of the standard project.

To provide comments to technical documents, experts from affiliate countries will need to:


Step 1

Find their country

Step 2

Click the tab Documents Open for Comments

Using their login information, select the relevant CD and/or CDV documents for commenting

Step 3

Download the Comment form

Download using the same login. Complete and return the form to the IEC Affiliate secretariat

We strongly recommend commenting on documents at the CD stage since it is the first stage for a new project.

More information

Information about the Affiliate Country Programme, its objectives and benefits

The role of the Affiliate Leader and an overview of the Messages and Dialogues to the affiliate community

Affiliate countries benefit from the participation in the IEC standardization process

Affiliate countries are encouraged to take an active role in IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities

Affiliate countries benefit from participating in conformity assessment activities

A number of events provide affiliate countries with the opportunity to meet with experts from all over the world

The documents in this section provide you with the necessary tools for your successful participation in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme

The IEC Affiliate Secretariat is your contact at IEC Central Office and will help you become familiar with the IEC environment and work