Quantum information technology
Available for download: English

Quantum technology is an emerging field that brings together engineering and physics. Exploiting the effects of quantum mechanics, quantum information technology (QIT) opens new possibilities in computing that exceed the capacity of conventional computing systems. While still at a nascent stage, QIT has attracted much attention from national governments as an area of critical research.

This white paper addresses a wide range of issues related to quantum technologies and the role of standardization. It provides an overview of its current state of development from the perspective of research and technology, industry and market readiness.

The white paper also provides an overview of the current status of standardization activities underway. It addresses standardization readiness and its link to technology readiness level, as well as the challenges for effective standardization. Because research on QIT is in progress, it will be important to coordinate the development of standards with the status of research underway. In order to avoid gaps in standardization, the active engagement of industry is necessary to prepare a cohesive suite of standards.

The white paper was developed by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) quantum information technology project team directed by Professor Dongsub Kim, Mokpo National University (Korea), with major contributions from the project partner, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM).