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Ex-perience is key in hazardous areas – new IECEx video
New IECEx video

The theme of the third short video issued by IECEx, the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres, focuses on the safety of workers operating in hazardous areas.

Many industry sectors have to deal with explosive environments. In addition to the obvious ones, oil, gas, petrochemicals and mining, the production of food, the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, aircraft refuelling are only a few examples of industries that operate in explosive (Ex) environments. They are all places where flammable liquids, vapours, gases and combustible dusts may occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire and/or an explosion.

To reduce the risks associated with those environments, electrical and mechanical equipment must meet very strict requirements in compliance with IEC and ISO International Standards. 

Commenced in 1996, IECEx is the only truly international conformity assessment system that provides testing and certification for all items of Ex equipment – electrical and non-electrical – and installation, maintenance and repair of equipment and systems.

Personnel competence critical to the Ex industry

In hazardous areas, workers often operate in difficult conditions and risks are omnipresent. This is why they require specialized knowledge, skills and experience.

In addition to the certification of electrical and non-electrical equipment, IECEx offers a certificate of personnel competence (CoPC) scheme certifying the skills and expertise of those working in Ex areas, so that anyone in an Ex location benefits from the highest level of safety.

The CoPC provides companies working in the Ex field with independent proof that a person has the required competence and capability (based on qualifications, experience and demonstrated ability) to implement the international Ex standards and to work on, or repair, equipment located in hazardous areas. This can be especially important for consultants and contracted staff.

The international IECEx certificate is personal, non-transferable and valid across international borders. As well as the certificate itself, IECEx-approved personnel are also furnished with a wallet-sized identification card with photo ID traceable to the IECEx certificate itself, providing instant proof of certification. It complements the IECEx certified equipment scheme and IECEx certified service facilities scheme.


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Watch the videos on the IECEx certified equipment scheme (available with subtitles in 10 languages), the IECEx certified service facilities scheme and the IECEx certification of personnel competence scheme on the IECEx website homepage:

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