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First standard reaches Committee stage using the OSD editor

The Online Standards Development (OSD) platform has reached an important milestone with the first draft standard now ready for its initial committee review. IEC 60512-28-100 ED3 is the first draft standard prepared using the OSD editing tools to reach the committee stage. It will now be reviewed by the members of IEC Subcommittee 48B on electrical connectors.

The OSD platform is a joint development between IEC and ISO to provide standards developers with digital tools to streamline the process for drafting and editing international standards. According to Peter Fischer, the Project Leader for IEC 60512-28-100 ED3, “The platform is still in the early stage, but it is a very helpful tool to improve collaboration between experts by adding content and resolving comments.

With the OSD editor, it is possible for standards writers to collaborate directly on the same document. As Fischer notes, “All experts could contribute directly inside the document at any time they wanted. By logging in everybody could review the new content or the proposed changes which would then be resolved during regular meetings once a month. The exchanges were simplified by this tool, and nothing got lost as the complete track change is available.”

One of the most useful aspects of the OSD editor has been the ability for standards-writers to concentrate on the content of the standard. “The editor and the project team can focus on the content and do not have to worry about the formatting and the related rules,” remarks Fischer. He also welcomes the ease with which track changes can be followed and discussed.

The Committee Draft 48B/2937/CD is now ready for commenting by the members of IEC SC 48B where it will be reviewed for a 12-week period. Because the committee commenting system is not yet available on the OSD platform, the draft standard is circulated for comments using the conventional process.

Release of new features

New features are regularly made available on the OSD platform. In early December, early adopters benefited from new options for numbering, cross referencing term entries, increased usability of tables and new "unlock" features. The next set of features are due for release in early 2022. It is expected that the commenting system in the OSD platform will be ready in June 2022.

Further information about the OSD platform is available on the OSD platform webpage and from a recent webinar with an overview of the project, including a live preview of the tool.

For more information, contact to see how you can participate.

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