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IEC Academy webinar shows the way on gender diversity
More diversity moving forward (Gerd Altmann)

As the IEC takes steps to improve gender diversity at all levels of the organization, some technical committees are showing the way forward with a large percentage of female experts and participants. IEC TC 59 and TC 61 are among the more gender diverse TCs in the IEC.

Both were asked by COPANT, the Pan American Standards Commission, to present their work at the IEC during a webinar organized by IEC Academy and Capacity Building (ACB) in May. Reflecting the diversity in both TCs, the panel chosen to put the work forward was all female, an indication of how women are becoming more prominent in key TC positions as well as role models for other female participants. Secretary of TC 59 Luise Christmann, together with TC 61 Secretary Randi Karen Myers and TC 61 Assistant Secretary Grace Roh presented the scope of the work produced by both TCs.

TC 59 prepares standards which enable to assess the performance of household appliances, while TC 61 publishes documents specifying the safety of household and similar electrical appliances.  Around 85 people attended the webinar, about a third of whom were women.

“We have been discussing best practice with our National Committees on how to increase the gender balance, raising the awareness of its importance with discussions during every national, regional and technical workshop since the founding of our department. It is important that gender balance should not remain "a woman only" topic, it needs to be driven by our entire community,” says Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, Head of IEC Academy & Capacity Building.

To watch the webinar, click here.

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