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A multi-stakeholder approach to developing leading-edge safety standards for 5G

With the pressures and challenges of the past two years, it’s important to reflect on just how significant the work of the IEC Technical Committee 106 and IEEE experts has been in delivering new standards for the evolving 5G ecosystem and wireless power transfer technologies.

With the new 5G mmWave spectrum now available in many countries, and new 5G devices being launched globally, TC 106 has just published the final draft international standard (FDIS) for IEC/IEEE 63195, the new IEC and IEEE series of testing methods that cover computation and measurement for frequencies from 6GHz – 300GHz.  This is significant for device manufactures, regulators and the public to ensure the very latest 5G technology has the very latest test methods. 

A key strategy for TC 106 and the IEEE is to be ahead of the game when it comes to developing test methods for 5G, and we did this in 2018 with the first mmWave device testing Technical Report and this will now be superseded in 2022 with the full international standards.

Harnessing the collaborative power of academia, industry, governments and testing laboratories all working together, the IEC is also finalizing its latest technical standard IEC 62232 Edition 3 for the assessment of electromagnetic fields of EMF levels around 5G base stations.  The draft achieved a 100% positive vote in 2021, along with some very important technical feedback which is now being addressed. 

The new standard will be published in 2022 delivering the latest test methods for 5G networks including beamforming, actual power assessments, and case studies illustrating the latest test and monitoring methods. Delivering these great results requires significant efforts by all members and in the past two years we have recognized outstanding contributions with the IEC 1906 Award to five members:

Kanako Wake from the Japan National Committee for her outstanding leadership and dedication as convenor of WG 9, leading the development of IEC TR 63377 for wireless power transfer test methods incorporating the latest assessment techniques.

Kai Niskala from the Finland National Committee for his outstanding leadership and dedication as co-convenor of JWG 12, which was decisive for the development of measurement techniques for 5G millimetre wave standards.

John M. Roman from the United States of America for his outstanding leadership and dedication as co-convenor of JWG 11, which was decisive for the development of computation techniques for 5G millimetre wave standards.

Marco Klingler from the France National Committee for his outstanding leadership and dedication as convenor of PT 62764-1, leading the development of IEC TS 62764-1 for the measurement of electromagnetic fields in the automotive environment applying the latest assessment techniques.

Sami Gabriel from the Great Britain National Committee for his outstanding leadership of JWG 13 and previous support in MT1, technical analysis and writing, and dedication including significant time with stakeholders has ensured a smooth transition from MT1 to the new JWG with the IEEE.

The past two years has thrown many challenges for everyone and I would like to acknowledge these very tough conditions for all members and administration teams.  The collaborative culture in TC 106 and the IEEE, where all members are looking out for each other and supporting one another, has really made a difference in achieving these quality standards.

In 2022, TC 106 and the IEEE will commence using the new online authoring tool which provides a significant step forward for committees to focus on content development, rather than the administrative tasks of formatting, circulations, combining comments and managing large files across many global contributors.   

This is a very exciting step forward as we have two new projects that commence very soon, and I look forward to sharing our experiences.  Thank you to the IEC Central Office and the online authoring systems development team for these exciting opportunities.

I wish everyone a safe 2022.

Mike Wood, Chair IEC TC 106


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