Smart buildings

Alongside smart cities, buildings are using technology in order to improve their security and energy efficiency. Technology is also used to help manage energy and water consumption, lighting, ventilation or heating

Making buildings smarter

Sensors can detect the presence of an individual, and automatically turn on the lights or prevent an unauthorized person from entering a building. As populations continue to grow and age, buildings will have to adapt to the needs of people who may require different types of assistance on a daily basis.

IEC International Standards cover many aspects of components, devices, and systems, to ensure their quality, safety, and security. Additionally, given that many devices and systems are manufactured by different parties, standards also help ensure their interoperability, so that buildings incorporating this technology will be able to function reliably.

IEC Technical Committee 23, which prepares standards for electrical accessories, is developing standards for home and building electronic and connected systems, which aim to be increasingly automated and energy efficient.

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