Consortia and IEC working together

Increase and facilitate market access and relevance

A partnership with the IEC provides consortia with access to its neutral, transparent, internationally recognized, consensus-based standardization platform in their area of work. This also allows consortia to reach beyond their core base of industry and professional members to include other stakeholders and their input, share risks and future rewards. 

No need to set up new rules, voting processes or membership charters. Everything is already in place, ready to use. 


Benefit from the reputation of the IEC


Complies with World Trade
Organization rules 


Gives you a globally
recognized footprint




Has engaged in over
750 liaison arrangements

Consortia can bring their technical specifications to the world stage and integrate them into an existing IEC international standardization system, which complies with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.  A cooperation with the IEC strengthens your consortium and gives you a globally recognized footprint.

Consortia play an important role in the development of standards and their adoption and use for global trade. That is why the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has engaged in over 750 liaison arrangements with more than 200 organizations, resulting in many important international standards.

State-of-the art

A partnership between the IEC and consortia allows each to share insights to stay closely in touch with market developments. 

Together, IEC and consortia can effectively manage the rapid pace of digital and technology change.  


Want to know more? 

Contact the IEC consortia facilitator

Getting involved

You want to partner with the IEC:

Find out your options or identify the right technical committee:
Contact the IEC consortia facilitator

If you are located in one of the IEC Member countries 
Reach out to your IEC National Committee (NC)

Find out how you can get involved at the national or international level and have your experts accredited to participate in IEC work


Benefits of partnering with the IEC

Brief summary of key benefits for consortia

How consortia work with the IEC

Case studies from different consortia show the value they can derive from partnering with the IEC

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