Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the biggest, still largely untapped energy source in the world. IEC work helps build energy efficiency directly into processes, devices and systems

Making more with less

In the face of rising energy demand and a need to limit greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency is becoming a pillar of global development goals. Energy efficiency improvements rely on a set of methodologies and processes that allow manufacturers and installers to build, compare and verify the performance of devices and systems, consistently and repeatedly.

Multiple IEC Technical Committees publish international standards which help to optimize the energy efficiency of all things electric and electronic. The IEC Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency (ACEE) helps coordinate activities between different IEC TCs that contribute in this area.

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More information

IEC is paving the way for these new technologies by developing and publishing a wide number of standards.

Electricity generating capacity is expanding to meet growing worldwide demand.

Renewable energies represent a fast-growing percentage of electricity generation.

Nuclear power plants (NPPs) produce an important proportion of the world's electricity. 

Storing energy is becoming ever more important as our demand for electricity increases.

IEC is forging a path for this global transformation with the required international standards.

Distributed energy resources are a way of increasing energy efficiency and improving grid resilience.

Getting clean and modern electricity to those who need it the most with the help of the IEC.

One of the most important ways of helping us to save energy is by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Renewable energy generates direct current and we use direct current in our homes to power many of our devices, from LED lights to mobile phones.

IEC publications help them to meet the various technical challenges they unavoidably face moving forward.