Active Assisted Living (AAL)

Making life easier for ageing populations and for people with disabilities is becoming a priority in most countries


Diverse information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as software solutions and adapted hardware, medical wearables, sensors embedded in smart homes and advances in robots are all part of AAL solutions that enable the elderly and people with different disabilities to live more independently and longer in their own homes.

IEC facilitates the development of AAL solutions through its Systems Committee for Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL).

IEC SyC AAL promotes safety, security, privacy, and cross-vendor interoperability in the use of AAL systems and services, rather than focusing on individual products. It fosters standardization which enables their usability and accessibility.

In order to address transverse standardization and broader system-wide issues, SyC AAL has established formal liaisons with ISO TCs, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), industry consortia, and other organizations.

The SyC structure brings together a multitude of technology experts, such as medical devices, consumer electronics, Internet of Things, computer systems and networks from several IEC technical committees (TCs), including:

Performance of household and similar electrical appliances

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances

Electrical equipment in medical practice

Alarm and electronic security systems

Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment

Information technology