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IEC representatives participate in global events related to standardization and conformity assessment activities. IEC also endorses partner events in many areas, including energy generation, storage and distribution
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The IEC promotes the use of electronic tools wherever possible to advance day-to-day and technical work, and generally also organizes many face-to-face meetings, workshops and events.
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2022 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal & Power Integrity
1-5 August 2022, Spokane, Washington
The EMC topics covered include standards, measurement techniques and test procedures, instrumentation, equipment and systems characteristics, interference control techniques and components, education, computational analysis, and spectrum management, along with scientific, technical, industrial, prof More... essional or other activities that contribute to this field. Website link not yet available.
CIGRE 2022 Technical Exhibition Session
29 August-2 September 2022, Paris, France
This conference and exhibition includes oral and poster paper submissions and discussions and includes a large exhibition focusing on electric high voltage equipment. Study Committee C4 covers the EMC topic and many working groups are active in the field of EMC.
1st Hydrogen Power System Integration Symposium (part of Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week)
11 October, Delft, the Hague
International experts from energy suppliers, gas turbine manufacturers, electrolyzer and fuel cells manufacturers, automotive and industrial companies, research institutions and H2 solution providers will discuss how the transition to large scale green hydrogen application can succeed. The Symposium More... will feature more than 15 presentations by invited speakers and cover the special topic of “Electrification of Industry Processes”.
The 21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop (part of Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week)
12-14 October, Delft, the Hague
Special Topics: Sector Coupling & Storage The main objective of the Wind & Solar Integration Workshop is to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking between industry and academia and will feature a wide range of topics from resilience, grid forming and forecasting to hybrid power systems and micro grid More... s, with the 2022 special topics of sector coupling and storage. This year, the topic of hydrogen will also be more strongly represented at the Wind & Solar Integration Workshop.
E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium (part of Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week)
10 October, Delft, the Hague
The purpose of the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium is to discuss the challenges that arise with increased power demand due to electric vehicle charging, and how they can be met by coordinating with renewable power production in the electrical system. The selection of topics also highli More... ghts the need for integrating the required electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the expansion of the distribution and transmission system.
IEC 61850 Week
17-21 October, Cardiff
This year’s week-long programme places ‘virtualisation and centralisation’ at the heart of discussions and provides a proven and practical roadmap for migrating IEC 61850 digital substations to low-cost high-functionality virtualised architectures. The week begins with a hands-on workshop on More... System Specification delivered by Christoph Brunner, President of it4power and Convenor of TC57 WG10. The main 3-day conference provides case-study insights into how virtualisation and centralisation are being leveraged by utilities worldwide, to drive more cost-efficient system design, implementation, operation and maintenance. Day five deep-dives into the potential of Digital Twin technology and standardisation to extend IEC 61850 simulation and support the cybersecure testing and maintenance of next generation digital substations
85th IEC General Assembly
31 October - 04 November, San Francisco
International Display Workshop
December 14-16, 2022 hybrid event, online and Fukuoka
IDW consists of workshops technically categorized into specialized domains playing important roles in information display technology and its applications. Each workshop organizes its own sessions, which consist of oral presentations by invited/contributing speakers, and poster presentations.