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Abbreviations, Acronyms and codes

Abbreviation /
AAR Annual Re-Assessment Report Conformity Assessment
AC Administrative Circular Working document
ACAG Assessment & Certification Advisory Group Conformity Assessment
ACD Approved for CD Publication Stage Codes
ACDV Approved for CDV Publication Stage Codes
ACEA Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects General
ACEC Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility General
ACEE Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency General
ACOS Advisory Committee on Safety General
ACTAD Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution General
ACTEL Advisory Committee on Telecommunication General
ADTR Approved for DTR Publication Stage Codes
ADTS Approved for DTS Publication Stage Codes
AFDIS Approved for FDIS Publication Stage Codes
AGS Advisory Group on Strategy (TC 100) General
APUB Approved for publication Publication Stage Codes
ARVD Revised Report of Voting on FDIS
BPUB Being published Publication Stage Codes
BoA Board of Appeals Conformity Assessment
BR Basic Rules Conformity Assessment
C Council Working document
CA Conformity Assessment General
CAB Conformity Assessment Board Conformity Assessment
CABPUB ISO/IEC publication under the responsibility of the CAB Working document
CAG Chairman's Advisory Group Conformity Assessment
CAG Chairman's Advisory Group (for TC/SCs) General
CAN Draft cancelled Publication Stage Codes
CASCO ISO Conformity Assessment Committee Conformity Assessment
CB Council Board General
CB Scheme IECEE scheme for product test certificates Conformity Assessment
CC Compilation of Comments Working document
CCAF CENELEC Conformity Assessment Forum Conformity Assessment
CCDV Draft circulated as CDV Publication Stage Codes
CD Committee Draft Working document
CD Committee Draft Publication Stage Codes
CDISH Draft circulated as DISH Publication Stage Codes
CDF Comité des finances (Finance Committee) General
CDM CD to be discussed at meeting Publication Stage Codes
CDPAS Draft circulated as DPAS Publication Stage Codes
CDTR Draft circulated as DTR Publication Stage Codes
CDTS Draft circulated as DTS Publication Stage Codes
CDV Committee Draft for Vote Working document
CDVM Rejected CDV to be discussed at meeting Publication Stage Codes
CE Comité d'Etudes (Technical Committee) General
CEN Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardization) General
CENELEC (CLC) Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) General
CFDIS Draft circulated as FDIS Publication Stage Codes
CMC Certification Management Committee Conformity Assessment
CN Comité National (National Committee) General
CO Central Office General
CTL Committee of Testing Laboratories Conformity Assessment
DA Draft Agenda Working document
DC Document for Comments Working document
DECDISH DISH at editing check Publication Stage Codes
DECFDIS FDIS at editing check Publication Stage Codes
DECPUB Publication at editing check Publication Stage Codes
DEL Deleted item/abandoned Publication Stage Codes
DELPUB Deleted publication Publication Stage Codes
DFA Document For Approval Conformity Assessment
DISH Draft interpretation sheet Working documents
DL Decision List Working document
DP Draft Proposal Working document
DSH Decision Sheet Working document
DTR Draft Technical Report Working document
DTRM Rejected DTR to be discussed at meeting Publication Stage Codes
DTS Draft Technical Specification Working document
DTSM Rejected DTS to be discussed at meeting Publication Stage Codes
DPAS Draft for PAS
DV Document for Voting Working document
EAR Extension Assessment Report Conformity Assessment
ECMP Electronic Component Management Plan Conformity Assessment
EDR Essential Differences in Requirements Working document
EN European Standard Conformity Assessment
EPC Engineering Procurement and Construction Conformity Assessment
ExCo Executive Committee General
FAR Follow-up Assessment Report Conformity Assessment
FDIS Final Draft International Standard Working document
HBR Harmonized Basic Rules Conformity Assessment
IAF International Accreditation Forum Conformity Assessment
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission General
IECEE IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components Conformity Assessment
IECEx IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres Conformity Assessment
IECQ IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components Conformity Assessment
IECRE IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications Conformity Assessment
IEV International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (Electropedia) General
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Conformity Assessment
INF Document for Information Working document
IS International Standard General
ISH Interpretation Sheet General
ISO International Organization for Standardization General
ITA Industry Technical Agreement General
JTAB Joint Technical Advisory Board (IEC/ISO) General
JMT Joint Maintenance Team General
JPT Joint Project Team General
JPT Joint Project Team General
JTC 1 Joint Technical Committee on Information Technology (ISO/IEC) General
JWG Joint Working Group General
MB Member Body Conformity Assessment
MC Management Committee Conformity Assessment
MC Marketing Committee General
ME Marine Energy Conformity Assessment
MoU Memorandum of Understanding Conformity Assessment
MSB Market Strategy Board General
MT Maintenance Team General
MTG Meeting Documents Working Document
N/A Not Applicable Conformity Assessment
NC National Committee General
NCDV CDV rejected Publication Stage Codes
NCP National Committee Proposal Working document
NCR Non Conformity Report Conformity Assessment
NDTR DTR rejected Publication Stage Codes
NDTS DTS rejected Publication Stage Codes
NFDIS FDIS rejected Publication Stage Codes
NP New Work Item Proposal Working document
OD Operational Document Conformity Assessment
O-MEMBER Observer Member (of a TC or SC) General
PACT President's Advisory Committee on future Technology General
PAS Publicly Available Specification General
PC Project Committee General
PCC Preparation of CC Publication Stage Codes
PDSH Provisional Decision Sheet Conformity Assessment
P-MEMBER Participating Member (of a TC or SC) General
PNW New work item proposal Publication Stage Codes
PPUB Publication issued Publication Stage Codes
PRVC Preparation of RVC Publication Stage Codes
PRVD Preparation of RVD Publication Stage Codes
PRVDISH Preparation of RVDISH Working document
PRVDPAS Preparation of RVDPAS Publication Stage Codes
PRVDTR Preparation of RVDTR Publication Stage Codes
PRVDTS Preparation of RVDTS Publication Stage Codes
PRVN Preparation of RVN Publication Stage Codes
PT Project Team General
PV Photo Voltaic Conformity Assessment
PW Programme of Work Working document
PWI Preliminary work item Publication Stage Codes
Q Questionnaire Working document
QP Question of Principle Working document
R Report (e.g. to C, CB, SMB or CAB) Working document
RAR Re-assessment Report Conformity Assessment
RCMC Report to the Certification Management Committee Conformity Assessment
RD Ruling Document Conformity Assessment
RDISH DISH received and registered Publication Stage Codes
RECB Renewable Energy Certification Body Conformity Assessment
RECoC Renewable Energy Certificate of Conformity Conformity Assessment
REMC Management Committee of the IECRE System Conformity Assessment
RETL Renewable Energy Testing Laboratory Conformity Assessment
RFDIS FDIS received and registered Publication Stage Codes
RLAR Re-Location Assessment Report Conformity Assessment
RM Report of Meeting Working document
RoP Rules of Procedure Conformity Assessment
RPUB Publication received and registered Publication Stage Codes
RQ Report on Questionnaire Working document
RR Review report Working document
RV Report of Voting Working document
RVDISH Report of voting on draft interpretation sheet Working document
RVDISH Report of voting on draft interpretation sheet Publication Stage Codes
RVC Report of Voting on CDV Working document
RVD Report of Voting on FDIS Working document
RVDPAS Report of Voting on DPAS Working document
RVDTR Report of Voting on DTR Working document
RVDTS Report of Voting on DTS Working document
RVN Report of Voting on NP Working document
SAG Sales Advisory Group General
SAG-S Strategic Advisory Group on Security General
SB1, SB3, SB4 Sector Board 1, 3 or 4 General
SBP Strategic Business Plan Working document
SC Subcommittee / Sous-Comité General
SG Stakeholder Group Conformity Assessment
SMB Standardization Management Board General
SPCG Standards Programme Coordination Group General
SRD Systems Reference Deliverable Publication Stage Codes
TA Technical Area General
TC Technical Committee General
TCDV Translation of CDV Publication Stage Codes
TDTR Translation of DTR Publication Stage Codes
TDTS Translation of DTS Publication Stage Codes
TDISH Translation of DISH Publication Stage Codes
TF Task Force Conformity Assessment
TFDIS Translation of FDIS Publication Stage Codes
ToR Terms of Reference Conformity Assessment
TPUB Translation of publication Publication Stage Codes
TR Technical Report General
TRF Test Report Form Conformity Assessment
TS Technical Specification General
TTA Technology Trend Assessment General
WE Wind Energy Conformity Assessment
WG Working Group General
WPUB Withdrawn publication Publication Stage Codes
WSC World Standards Cooperation (IEC/ISO/ITU) General


The detailed list of stage codes is available at: Processes section of the webste.