Value-added products

Offering enhanced and convenient solutions to understand, access and use IEC Standards

IEC value-added products are derived from official publications. They offer tools to enhance the understanding of these publications, including comments from IEC experts.


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Consolidated versions (CSV)

A Consolidated version (CSV) allows users to access technical content from multiple publications that have been merged into a single, user-friendly product.

The CSV incorporates the content of amendment(s) into the publication. The track changes mode shows where the publication has been modified by the amendment. The release of the CSV is synchronized with the release of the amendment.

Maintenance - A CSV is automatically withdrawn when the official publication is withdrawn

Key point - CSVs are derived from official publications, without modification of the original consensus-based technical content. The IEC Secretariat guarantees the accuracy of their technical content.

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Redline version (RLV)

A Redline version (RLV) allows users to easily access the changes between the new and previous edition of a publication.

The RLV is a package that includes both the official publication and its redline version. In the redline version, the track changes mode highlights all the changes between the new edition and previous edition of the publication.

Maintenance - An RLV is automatically withdrawn when the official publication is withdrawn.

Key point - Not every standard is available as an RLV. If the changes to the text are extensive, a redline version becomes unreadable and the RLV benefit of an easy identification of changes lost.

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Commented version (CMV)

A Commented version (CMV) is the only product where the consensus-based content of a publication is enriched with technical commentary.

The CMV consists of an RLV in which an IEC expert has added significant and extensive comments explaining the main changes to the publication. These comments display in pop-up windows in the publication content, and are also listed at the end of the document.

Maintenance - A CMV is automatically withdrawn when the official publication is withdrawn.

Key point - So as to benefit fully from the functionalities of a CMV, it is only available in electronic format.

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Extended version (EXV)

An Extended version (EXV) allows the user to compile the key information and content in a single, easy to use document.

Maintenance - An EXV is automatically withdrawn when the corresponding publication is withdrawn.

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Pre-release version (PRV)

A Pre-release version (PRV) allows users to access the content of an upcoming publication up to two months prior to its official release.

A PRV contains the final draft international standard (FDIS) of a publication. The FDIS is the last approval stage in the development process of a publication when only minor editorial changes are permitted. During the six week voting period, the FDIS is made available as a PRV.
Those who purchase a PRV also receive the official publication at the time of its release.

Maintenance - the PRV has a life cycle of six weeks after which it is definitively deleted. 

Key point -  PRVs are only available in electronic format and can only be purchased from the IEC Secretariat.

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Series allows users to access all parts of an International Standard at a discounted rate.

A Series is a package which contains all the official publications and VAPs within an IEC International Standards (i.e. all of the parts).

Maintenance - A Series is automatically withdrawn when the corresponding International Standard is withdrawn. 
The content of a Series evolves regularly with the addition, replacement or withdrawal of publications. 

Key point - Series are only available from the IEC Secretariat and for the most popular IEC International Standards. 


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