Online standards development

International standards are developed through global cooperation and consensus building. It takes time and involves many people around the world, including IEC technical experts, National Committee members and staff.

Efficient tools allow standards developers to focus on content rather than formatting, to produce semantically rich and structured standards.

Together, IEC and ISO are developing a harmonized platform which will allow several authors to work on the same document and facilitate the commenting process.

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Streamlines and speeds up the standards authoring process

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Facilitates working collaboratively on the same document

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Enhances content accuracy, quality and transparency, user guidance and version management

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Improves integration within existing IEC and ISO tools and services 

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Enables experts to focus on content and structure rather than formatting 

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Tailored to standards developers’ needs thanks to user feedback

Enhancing the international standards ecosystem

IEC is committed to delivering tools that simplify the work of standards developers and provide the foundations for creating innovative products and services for all standards users. 

Cooperating with ISO to develop this platform ensures harmonized implementation of new tools and processes for the two partner organizations and the broader standards community.

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User feedback

IEC technical committee experts

"The document commenting and resolution feature is an example of the outstanding usefulness of the online authoring tool, allowing multiple people who are commenting to effectively interact with the document during preparation. This includes everything from technical inputs to editorial comments, ranging from informational to Part 2 inconsistencies. A Convenor can readily see and resolve these comments, improving the quality while speeding up the entire publication process."

Philip Beauchamp

IEC TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters


"Overall, a huge improvement to previously used methods of multi-version word documents being emailed or online editing tools such as google docs. It's really useful to have a tool that takes care of all the formatting so standards authors can focus purely on technical content."

Claire Cohen

IEC TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converter


"All experts could contribute directly inside the document at any time they wanted. By logging in everybody could review the new content or the proposed changes which would then be resolved during regular meetings once a month. The exchanges were simplified by this tool, and nothing got lost as the complete track change is available."

Peter Fischer 

IEC SC 48B: Electrical connectors