Symbols and graphical representations

The standby symbol indicating a sleep mode or low power state has become a bit of an icon for techies the world over. IEC created it as well as many other graphical representations that are used on electrical devices, systems and parts

Communicating in a digital world

Facilitating the exchange of technical data

IEC Technical Committee 3 produces standards for graphical symbols used on electrotechnical equipement, which can be found in a database published both by IEC and ISO (IEC 60417 and ISO 7000).

The TC makes sure each symbol is still used throughout industry. It also specifies the rules for their application.

New challenges linked to the digilization of our societies are prompting IEC TC 3 to look at the management of information and the creation of computer interpretable classification and identification systems.

One of its subcommittees, SC 3D, produces the Component Data Dictionary, a technical dictionary used in the electrical and electrotechnical domains.