Electric vehicles

EVs require a charging infrastructure that directly impacts electricity networks. IEC International Standards ensure the process is safe and efficient

EVs everywhere


The increasing use of EVs will reduce oil dependency and the environmental impact of transportation. Beyond the personal vehicle market which includes cars, electric scooters and bikes, service providers and e-tailers are purchasing thousands of electric delivery vehicles. Electric buses are becoming widespread in many cities.

Improved battery technologies have reduced the cost and extended the operational range of EVs. Wireless and plug-in charging systems are also evolving rapidly. EVs will even be able to store energy and feed it back into the grid when required. IEC Standards are essential in helping stakeholders to provide the whole EV infrastructure.

IEC activities

IEC work ensures that electric vehicles operate and connect safely to the electricity grid.



Components, switches, connectors, displays that are built into modern cars



Audio, video, in-vehicle communication & connection



Batteries, capacitors and fuel-cells



Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)



Connectors and charging infrastructure, electric accessories, inductive charging, and more...



Overall electrical safety and protection from shocks, overvoltage and fires



Functional safety of charging stations and vehicles



Interfaces & protocols for vehicle-to-grid communication, IT security and data protection

IEC Technical Committees

Conformity Assessment


IECQ and its automotive qualification programme certifies the electronic components used in vehicles while IECEE covers the testing and certification for safety and performance of batteries and charging stations.

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