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5G & The Future, IEC YP Workshop 2021

TC 106 5G experts and Young Professionals in Australia share the experiences of working with 5G, IoT and standards development in this fast-paced technology sector and how their contributions are making global impacts.
In a virtual round table workshop discussion, 2021 YPs had the opportunity to explore how 5G can empower the future and how can YP’s make a difference.


  • Baoying Tong, 2019 IEC YP leader (moderator)
  • Mike Wood, IEC TC106 Chair
  • Sami Gabriel, IEC TC106 Co Convener
  • Sami Uddin, Steve Nguyen, Demster Dacuro, Telstra YPs

yp training

IEC Young Professionals training course

The online IEC Young Professionals (YP) training course aims to help incoming YPs to learn more about the IEC and its work in standardization and conformity assessment. It contains information slides, videos and a quiz that should be completed prior to attending the IEC YP workshop. The content of this course is to be covered and understood prior to arrival at the workshop.

Please access the IEC Academy Platform using your IEC account to access the Young Professionals course under available courses.

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